Anything Other Than Naked

A guide for men on how to dress properly for every occasion

Let's face facts: most men struggle with what to wear, when. Although many professions and businesses allow for "business casual" attire, there are a number of careers and social occasions which call for a more formal, or at the very least, a more personally attentive approach to dressing and presentation.

In Anything Other Than Naked, author Glen Sondag provides an easy-to-read, yet comprehensive guide illustrating the basic dos and don'ts for any man attempting to put his best dress oxfords forward as he walks out the door.

Based in personal experience and knowledge gleaned through a discerning eye, Anything Other Than Naked was originally intended as a style guide for Sondag's four sons to use. However, it has evolved into a narrative that covers everything for the reader to consider when it comes to exercising proper clothing protocol and etiquette.

Some of Sondag's sartorial tips include:

- What to consider when purchasing a suit.
- How to combine the right suit, shirt and tie.
- Why your belt, hose and shoes matter.
- How to choose a collar style.
- How to build an outstanding wardrobe.
- What accessories are right for any situation.

Whether you are a recent college graduate about to embark on job interviews, or a business professional looking to get a boost, Anything Other Than Naked is an invaluable tool to help you look your best.

Anything Other Than Naked has been selected by Parade Magazine as a Top Ten Father's Day Gift (June 2011)

Anything Other Than Naked takes "Runner Up" spot as Best "How -To" book in 2011 Beach Book Festival

Anokhi Magazine says: "Anything Other Than Naked is fast paced humorous, yet informative guide for men. Unlike pretentious How-to books, Sondag's is mindful of every man's clothing budget."

"A short read of only 86 pages but the information is fantastic. I recommend the book to any man who wants to look his best." - Glen Johnson,

"Glen guides his readers through a meticulous 'journey in dapper'." - Josh Linam,

"As a straightforward tome on dressing well, Sondag's book is quite well done. Chapters are short, organized into easy-to-read sections and laid our clearly. If you're a guy who wants to learn style rules then Anything Other Than Naked is for you". -

"This guide touches on everything from the perfect necktie to how to build a great wardrobe." - Spencer Edwards.